New Poker Games to Play at Home for fun

Although resting is healthy but staying at home for quite some time is boring when you have nothing to do. So if you are on leave or vacation from your job and you plan to stay at home here are some new poker games to play at home for fun.

1. Deuce-to-seven triple draw - instead of the usual once draw for each player like in five cards draw, this game have three draws for each player and after each round there is betting. In this game, never flush or straight or else it will be counted against you and aces are always high.

2. Omaha - this game is similar to texas hold'em but there are many differences between the two in terms of fun. In this game, each player dealt four holes or down cards, the two cards must be from the players' hole and three from the board. This can be played hi/lo but the highest hand wins.

3. Crazy pineapple poker - if you know how to play hold'em, you can surely play this game. This is just another texas hold'em at the start but in the end it is totally different.

4. Razz - is a sort of seven card stud poker game in which the lowest hand won the pot instead of highest hand. The lowest hand are A-2-3-4-5.

5. Double flop Hold'Em poker - unlike in Texas hold'em, this game able the players to deal out two separate boards or community cards.

6. Seven Card Stud - This traditional poker game was popularly played at home before however these days it is still played in many casinos. Although this poker game is classic but it's still good and fun to play. If you want to try it at home try seven card stud hi/lo it's really great.

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